The Magnavox Odyssey was the world's first commercial home video game console. First demonstrated in April 1972 for release later that year it predated the Atari Pong consoles by three years. Though often mistakenly believed to be analog due to misunderstanding of its design it is in fact a digital system. It was released on August 1st 1972 for $99.00, which would equate to $590.57 today.

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The Magnavox Odyssey was released sometime in August of 1972, however the exact date could not be found.

Release Data

August 1st, 1972 Source: pong-story.com

Released sometime in the month of August, came packed with dice, poker chips, score sheets to help keep score, play money, game boards and 12 games.

Original Price

Adjusted Price


48y 213d

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